Proven Solutions for Senior Level Executives — A New Approach

Current economic conditions along with rapidly increasing unemployment … The current economic situation and the rapidly increasing unemployment is forcing (senior) executives to rethink how and where they access income opportunities. That’s where PBA comes in. “Alternative income opportunities” is a new approach to many, and Personal Business Advisors ® has been offering customized services by providing viable solutions for more than seven years.


San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2009

While addressing a group of new PBA partners at one of the company’s training centers in West Palm Beach, FL, Uwe Brettmann, Chairman and CEO of Personal Business Advisors ®, spoke of a new era in terms of the way senior level executives successfully design their future.

“Gone are the days of talking to some executive recruiters, posting your resume online or using your network and then landing that $200K+ dream job. The (executive) job market has been hit hard by the downturn of the economy, competing with a global work force and age discrimination. This has led many of our peers to rethink their entire approach to their professional future -and that of their families. The personal stories we hear on a daily basis are sometimes horrific. Some of us work 80 hours per week due to the dramatically increased demand for our services (which are at no charge to the candidate) in order to help them get back on their feet -financially , professionally and personally .”

Senior level executives are currently seeing job search times of 23 plus months -with an average tenure being down to 18 months.

As is quite common in such situations, companies lay off their highest paid/ senior employees first –and re-fill those positions last. This has led to an unprecedented un- or underemployment for senior level execs in the U.S. of 42%.

The good news is that there are organizations with adequate resources to help those executives–it’s just a case of finding them. Personal Business Advisors ® is just such a company. They have been servicing the needs of the senior level executive community for over 7 years with an innovative entrepreneurial program.

PBA delivers its unique service through a network of over 200 offices located throughout North America. With the demand for their services increasing dramatically, the demand to become a partner at Personal Business Advisors ® has also increased. Brettmann says that they welcome new partners and the continuing growth of the company is evidenced by 8 new PBA offices recently opening in Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida and Texas.

Personal Business Advisors ® is the world’s largest provider for alternatives to traditional employment and provides a fast and proven executive “matchmaking” service, connecting the preferences, background and needs of their peers with the many thousands of opportunities available to the white collar community with six-figure income needs -at NO cost to the candidates.

The company serves clients from all industry sectors, operating from a base of 200+ partner-operated offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the U.K. and Singapore. PBA’s innovative Matchmaking Service is a fast, accurate and proven way to turn a traditional job search into a successful entrepreneurial future.