Rebuilding America and the World — A New Approach

Deteriorating economic conditions along with increasing long-term unemployment has convinced a privately held, multi-national, company in Texas to create 5,000 new Businesses. Personal Business Advisors ®, LLC-a company with a successful track record of helping thousands of executives for more than eight years has pledged $20,000,000 to achieve what governments are struggling to accomplish.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) August 2, 2010

During it’s recent annual shareholder meeting in San Antonio, TX, Uwe Brettmann, Chairman and CEO of Personal Business Advisors ®, spoke of the need for small businesses to change and create a new and better future for America and the world economies.

“Gone are the days where one could rely on the fact that recessions have a relatively short life span and are succeeded by a period of wealth building and full employment” said Brettmann.

“Instead of relying on others, I strongly suggest we do our part and pledge 10% of our company’s profits, up to $20,000,000, in order to help create 5,000 new small
Businesses for this economy.”(…)

“Helping people to start their own businesses -each potentially employing, on average, a minimum of five people (plus their owners)- will increase demand for services and goods, which in turn will spur even more (job) growth. This encourages and teaches people to become self-reliant and independent from an increasingly volatile job market and government support, so they may provide for themselves and their loved ones into the future.

Our capital distribution will represent approximately 5% of the overall investment triggered, resulting in a total cash injection of $400,000,000+.”

Brettmann estimates the total economic impact of these businesses to eventually reach over $1Billion and create 100,000+ new jobs due to the (internal) demand triggered by these companies as well as the purchasing power of their employees.

“This shows how something that starts quite small can have long reaching and -most importantly, long-lasting positive effects. It helps and supports individuals, their families, their communities, as well as entire nations. I ask you to vote for it so we can all look back and say we answered the call and made a positive difference when it mattered -and where it was needed most!”

Brettmann’s suggestions were received enthusiastically by all shareholders and accepted unanimously.

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