About PBA

The significant drop in demand for executive talent, age considerations, out-sourcing and downsizing have convinced us to help a large number of executives address these concerns:

  • How to succeed in a job market where employees have become a liability
  • How to establish a secure, rewarding and viable future
  • How (and where to begin) to search out alternatives to traditional employment.

Current demand by (senior) executives for positions by far exceeds the available job openings, and will continue for the foreseeable future. Simultaneously, existing operating businesses and franchise companies seek out buyers, partners or candidates, matching exactly the skills and experience of executive job candidates. They pay commissions if we become the “matchmaker”. There is an unlimited demand on the one side of the fence and a significant supply on the other. The result is a self-fulfilling circle which is being actively and successfully served by the PBA team.

This ever-increasing demand for both revenue stream business ownership opportunities and investment/human capital infusion has led to PBA’s sustained growth in the team of Senior Advisors and satisfied executive clients along with viable businesses.

PBA fields over a hundred trained and experienced Senior Advisors who work one-on-one with executives to understand their needs, interests, capabilities and dreams. Given this understanding and the rapport established while gathering the details of this profile, PBA researchers and corporate members work to identify and select opportunities that fit the specifications and parameters our clients define. The myriad of business ownership opportunities PBA actively represents, span a wide range to include these primary categories:

Many executives pursue these alternatives to create a stream of income that is more reliable than corporate employment.

We help our executive clients on a no fee basis. Our compensation comes to us when we are successful in matching these executives with career alternatives. It is the beneficiary of finding the executive talent (business seller, franchisor, or employer) who compensates PBA.

Personal Business Advisors ® – SENIOR ADVISORS

The key component to access our global marketplace in a timely and efficient manner is through our Senior Advisors (SA’s).

SA’s are qualified and trained independent business partners. They too are experienced senior-level executives who have held a ‘VP’ or ‘C-level’ leadership position.

We support our SA’s with a strong business concept and a network of other Senior Advisors, industry veterans at corporate, and specialists in such functions as developing and accelerating revenues for franchise and traditional businesses alike.

Personal Business Advisors ® Executive Team consists of proven industry veterans ranging from globally successful business developers to Fortune 50 Senior Executives. They have been responsible for many hundreds of employees (each) and are responsible for strategic growth, domestic/international partnerships and nationwide, as well as global expansion.

Personal Business Advisors ® – MISSION

Personal Business Advisors ® derives energy and motivation by helping other Executives to succeed despite times of economic hardship and personal challenges. While assisting our Senior Advisors and clients to achieve their dreams and goals to the best of our ability, we pride ourselves in our dedication to treating everybody with respect, honesty, dignity and integrity.

We believe in our responsibility to create a successful environment for the executive community in this country and overseas despite a sometimes radically changing employment environment.

Personal Business Advisors ® – CHAIRMAN

Personal Business Advisors ® Chairman and CEO, Uwe Brettmann has 15 years of domestic/international experience in directing a 30-country franchise operation, consisting of 200 employees, with $118 million in annual gross revenue. Expertise in: Startup/turnaround situations, multi-national negotiations, establishing worldwide partnerships/strategic alliances, and repositioning value-added product/service offerings designed to drive market and earnings growth. Convincing and credible communicator able to determine organizations’ operational needs, in order to define, establish, and deliver appropriate solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Demonstrated record of generating franchise sales in a new market from 0 to $19.6 million within a three-year time frame.

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For more information and career opportunities please contact your Personal Business Advisor or Email to: info@personalbusinessadvisors.com

Personal Business Advisors ® Corporate Headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas. FAX: (210) 568-4439