Article Summary – How To Quit Your Job the Right Way

Source: How To Quit Your Job the Right Way
Author: James Altucher

If there was a survey that might hit the one-hundred percent “yes” mark, it might be the question which asks workers if they ‘have ever thought about changing jobs’.  If that is the case, the article How To Quit Your Job the Right Way by James Altucher may hold very insightful advice for anyone thinking of a change of employment, as well as vision of where future jobs trends will be.

The author explains that since automation (i.e., robotics, software, virtual reality) is consistently replacing manual labor, combined with corporations which are squeezing out every inefficiency within the company, most skills which workers provide will eventually become outdated and replaced with automation.

With this new perspective, workers might be tempted leave a job before being replaced. However, before one ever changes jobs or strikes out on their own with a new entrepreneur endeavor, the author’s advice is to wait.  Do not make the jump until the side-business is making enough to replace the current salary plus some.

Knowing the right time to quit is the key to a successful transition, according the author.  He offers the idea that life is a laboratory for experiment. Instead of a single passion in life, over a lifetime there may be 500 passions which fulfill purpose in life. Test, tweak, and experiment on many different ideas, passions and purposes in life–even several at one time. If one provides an income which sustains, as well as provides interest, then this is the course to pursue. If not, then entertain the next idea.

The author recommends producing ten ideas per day, which will eventually lead to bigger and more profound ideas which will become the ones that produce the most significant results.

Other suggestions within the article include how to devise business ideas to test, putting ideas into actions, testing the idea, and merging common or even poor ideas together to make a very profitable concept plan. The article even has specific suggestions for those who are not natural entrepreneurs, such as free online classes from specific sites which teach skills that can then be contracted out on sites such as

The author highlights the power of the 1% trick, compound networking and the 80/20 rule to increase the perspective of building sound skills and a solid foundation for business. The author’s greatest advice is to every day keep the mindset of being healthy, creative, improving relationships and grateful in difficult situations. Then one can improve in order to quit a job as well as any other endeavor in order to pursue what matters most to that individual.

So if you were part of the one-hundred percent of workers who ever answered ‘yes’ to the imaginary survey of those considering changing jobs, James Altucher’s article provides very insightful advice and ideas to take into consideration before taking the leap.

The author sets for the idea that when considering early retirement in order to find a more fulfilling and happy life, consider instead a changing to a different career, side-job or startup which combines both your experience and existing skills with your innate interests and dreams. Both together will give you a purpose for which to strive, keep your interests engaged while maintaining a financially sound future.