Article Summary – Let’s Fix It: America Is Running Out of Entrepreneurs

Source: Let’s Fix It: America is Running out of Entrepreneurs
Author: Jim Clifton

While there are many issues that America needs to address, there is one issue which author Jim Clifton says surpasses all others in immediacy in his article: Lets Fix It: America Is Running Out of Entrepreneurs.

This article is the author’s call to action, explaining that America needs millions of jobs right now in order to turn around the economy– and that it can be done without government jobs or Federal Reserve handouts. His answer to fix the problem calls for millions of startup companies as well as bringing back the entrepreneurship spirit.  But he says it needs to happen fast.

Why does this need to happen so quickly especially when the unemployment rate is celebrated as being down 5.9 percent? It is due to Gallup analytics findings that underemployment is above 15 percent, as well as the fact that the unemployment rate does not take into account the immense 20 million people who have quit looking for work.  Mr. Clifton calls this a “super serious problem” which could have significant results in the loss of America’s republic and its way of life.

What needs to happen to counteract the problem of unemployment and underemployment? The author puts forth the claim that small businesses equal half of all jobs and even more of all new good jobs are created by small businesses.

More good jobs lessen the consequences of social unrest, depression, loss of self-concept, and feelings of hopelessness in demographics across the board, particularly in young males.   Workers with productive jobs not only strengthen the economy, but there are positive consequences socially and civilly in giving individuals purpose, meaning and direction in their work and in their own lives.

The author makes the call to action to American business leaders as well as local elected officials to identify very early the potential young entrepreneurs –even as young as middle to high school, and to nurture, mentor and promote their educational growth and development just as one would do for a young star athlete.  These young entrepreneurs have tremendous potential, but it vitally important to cultivate their talents and gifts from an early age.

While cultivating future leaders is vital, the author claims in order to turn the economy around right now, there is a need and a call for millions of good jobs in the immediate present.