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Carol & Ray Coffey

Masters for Personal Business Advisors ® (PBA) Canada

What drives and defines this great team?

One thing for sure is their support for one another and their ability to empower others and help them adapt and adjust to the demands of changing events in business, the economy and in their personal and professional lives. They love to bring positive energy, insight and potential to those who seek it. They listen and respect the needs and desires of others. Carol & Ray have a true and relaxed sense of reality.

Carol has held executive roles in organizations since age 25. Her successful career crosses over many boundaries from financial management to sales management, from health care to education, from consulting to business coaching. She is a highly respected trainer, instructor, educator, coach, advisor, writer, inventor and long-time entrepreneur.

Carol offers a wealth of experience and has continually demonstrated sound, practical leadership throughout her life; and has been the recipient of many awards including global recognition. A consummate business professional, Carol has been instrumental in areas that have helped launch individuals into new business levels, new beginnings and positive change and stresses the importance to be able to adapt and adjust to the demands of the times.

Ray, a former co-owner of a major printing firm servicing the oil industry, has extensive experience in national sales & marketing management. He has keen computer talents and enjoys sailing, having raced in Fireball class for many years. Ray played club level rugby for many years, and is an avid flying enthusiast. Currently, Ray sharpens up his entrepreneurial skills as owner of Pro-Ad Design.

“We have learned that the mind is the builder, thought is the tool, faith in self is the foundation. There is still so much untapped potential in every one of us!”