Personal Business Advisors ® (PBA) began as a traditional consulting company catering to companies in 32 countries.

The significant backlog of hundreds of thousands of superbly qualified, talented individuals sitting on the sidelines after the last recession at the beginning of this millennium, globalization, outsourcing, the export of millions of jobs from the western to the eastern hemisphere led to the development of Personal Business Advisors ® in its current form.

As early as 2001, Personal Business Advisors ® recognized this dramatic paradigm shift and identified a proven way to help disenfranchised executives to succeed -despite times of economic hardship and personal challenges: INSOURCING.

Personal Business Advisors ® Executive Team consists of accountable, down-to-earth and proven industry veterans -ranging from globally successful business developers, Executive Recruiters to Fortune 50 Senior Executives. In their corporate positions they have been responsible for hundreds of employees (each) and are now responsible for strategic growth, domestic/international partnerships as well as global expansion. They REFUSED to take part in the downsizing/ merger & acquisitions, cost-cutting frenzy of corporate America, but chose organic growth and entrepreneurship as their way to bring prosperity back to those, who are willing to earn it.

While initially their main mission was helping senior-level-executives to succeed in a market that is presenting ever-increasing challenges for employees/ corporations and entrepreneurs alike,  Personal Business Advisors ® has now expanded its offerings to mid-level managers and veterans of the armed forces.