With the job market changed forever, meet the “Hybrid Model“: Become an equity partner AND executive Officer in an existing Venture that fulfills your needs for the monthly paycheck, but equally addresses your desire to become an independent business owner.

Hybrid Model Examples include:

VP S & M for manufacturing company in Georgia

COO for manufacturing company in New England

CEO for medical device company in California

CEO for medical device company in Colorado

VP Sales & Regional Sales Director for medical device company in New York City

CEO for technology company in New England

CTO for technology in Washington D.C.

President for services organization in Arizona

CFO for services organization in Arizona

VP Sales for food product in Georgia

COO for advertising organization in the North East

President for services organization -no relocation required

VP Marketing and VP Business Development for service organization focused on Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB)

Various executive positions in professional advisory services organization across the country

Several executive positions in government information services company – no relocation needed


For more information on Hybrid Models in your area please contact your Personal Business Advisor or Email to:


FAX: (210) 568-4439