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Arcelia Corres & Nick Dove

Masters for Personal Business Advisors ® (PBA) Mexico

Arcelia & Nick are a successful partnership team with years of experience licensing business systems to senior executives and supporting their continued success in alternative career strategies. Before coming on board as founding members of PBA’s Mexico operation, they were also founding members for the successful Action International coaching franchise in London and currently own an Action franchise in Miami.

Arcelia & Nick have turned their attention to the dynamic PBA market opportunity in Mexico because it is the ideal way to build a global virtual business, connecting executives anywhere with a complete range of business and career options beyond traditional employment that are more perfect for them.

Arcelia has strong business experience gained over 25 years in a variety of marketing and management positions in Mexico, including Koblenz Electrica, and in international organizations such as Ogilvy & Mather. Alongside these activities she also founded and ran her own business in the printing arena, and built a successful enterprise in Mexico with million dollar revenues, operating for 15 years with a clients such as Mexican Airlines.

Nick previously had a 30 year business career in corporate life in senior Marketing, Sales, Operations and General Management roles for the leading global companies Procter & Gamble and Seagram-Universal. There he developed strong leadership and business building skills operating multimillion revenue businesses in multiple countries and business communities.

Arcelia & Nick thrive on helping others achieve their personal and business goals. “Our mission is to build a winning team of Personal Business Advisors ® in Mexico. Our focus is in finding people with the skills, experience and drive to become Senior Advisors, who will apply PBA’s proven methodology and strategies to help transform the Mexican executive business landscape. PBA provides a unique vehicle for executives to grow, both personally and in wealth.”



Efrain Perez Corres

Efrain is a flexible, creative, result oriented and successful business entrepreneur with several years of management experience in global businesses such as the Guadalajara WTC, Phoenix Network International, Solectron and ING. Before joining Personal Business Advisors ®, he enjoyed a career as a sales manager building one of the strongest and most productive teams in the area.

Throughout his career Human Capital has played an important role. Now heading up operations in Mexico will be no different, Human Capital comes first.

A beautiful and supporting wife and a lovely and inspiring baby girl allow Efrain to focus on building a strong and successful Mexican PBA market. He was approached by Personal Business Advisors ® to help initiate PBA’s Mexico operations, which he now runs as the founding Senior Adviser. “Mexico is ready for PBA, because it allows executives and their families regain their financial independence. Mexico’s executives are this country’s best Human Capital, and PBA will help them achieve their full potential, which is good for them, for their families, and for the country.”

“I welcome the opportunity of working closely together with my family and partners at Personal Business Advisors ®. It is definitely a cross-road in my life and I can relate well to all the executives who feel at cross-roads in their lives and careers. I will be able to use my skills and channel my energy to help them with an alternative career system that makes sense. I am very excited to be part of this revolutionary business model that will help so many executives and entrepreneurs in Mexico.”