Testimonials from Candidates, Senior Advisors & Client Companies
Testimonials from Candidates, Senior Advisors & Client Companies

Testimonials from Candidates, Senior Advisors & Client Companies

Kevin L. is a Former VP of a Globally Operating Investment Bank

“PBA provides very professional career advice and a customized job search. They are patient, kind and very easy to work with. They tracked my job application status and refined the job search process as necessary, based on my interests and goals, through our weekly meetings. As a result, I was able to find an opportunity that effectively matches my skills with my passion. I greatly appreciated their service during my career transition. Thanks again”!

Kevin L.

Recommendation for John Ovens
Executive Senior Advisor, Personal Business Advisors

“I first met John in early 2009 when I was searching for my next move after the real estate downturn necessitated a change. John spent a great deal of time getting to know me well before making creative recommendations. Six years later during another time of transition, John picked up where he left off with me and focused on opportunities that fit not just my background but also my personality and goals. John has been a critical resource by presenting and helping me to evaluate mid-to-later career alternatives to W-2 employment.”

James Dietz
Partner at B2B CFO®

Marilyn R Imparato
Senior Advisor Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC

Dear Marilyn,

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your services and how valuable you have become to me over the past months.

When I started the journey, with the goal of being my own boss or investing in a small business, I had no idea where to look or what to do. I had looked at franchise websites but really had no way of culling through all the information in an organized manner. I was also going this alone so I had no knowledge of how to do it and very limited resources to draw from.

Your depth of knowledge and Personal Business Advisors’ resources were invaluable in getting me to the point I am now – an excited franchise owner. The methodical way that you analyzed my skills, desires and competencies gave me confidence that I have made a very good decision for my future. With your resources and organized process I was able to look at more business ideas that I ever would have imagined. You helped me think outside the box and look further than my own experiences.

Your personal style is also a wonderful asset for Personal Business Advisors. You bring so much positive energy and knowledge to the process that helped me push through and get to the decision making process. Our weekly calls were an excellent source of motivation and knowledge building.

I feel that together we made one of the best decisions of my life. I am going into a business that’s growing and I believe I can be very successful in. I could not have done this without Personal Business Advisors’ resources and your guidance. I really appreciate your honesty, integrity and believe we will remain “colleagues” well into the future.

Best Regards,

Cheryl Weston,
Owner-ARCpoint Labs, Jacksonville, FL


Marilyn and Personal Business Advisors,

Working with Marilyn Imparato and Personal Business Advisors was a real pleasure and they are true professionals in their business. Their interview process was very complete and offered me several opportunities in the franchise and hybrid arenas. Throughout the entire process Marilyn was always looking out for my best interest and which opportunity was going to be the best fit for myself and my family. We had several conversations on different opportunities and Marilyn was always helpful through the vetting process on each of those companies. Always stressing to make sure that I was going to be happy with my decision at the end of each interview. I admire her strong work ethic and high level of integrity. It’s been a very positive experience for me and I attribute most of that to Marilyn’s matching companies with my experience and her ability to see the opportunity for what it really is. I’ve found a terrific company and found the opportunity that I was looking for.

Thank you Marilyn and Personal Business Advisors for all of your assistance along the way!
Joe Sitzman


Fred (Bud) B. posted on his personal LinkedIn page:

A couple of months ago I was a 63-year-old unemployed sales executive, running low on cash and feeling somewhat defeated. I was unable to help support my family, and began to realize that my situation wouldn’t change until I STOPPED LOOKING for a job. That’s when I came across Personal Business Advisors (see http://www.personalbusinessadvisors.com/).

Personal Business Advisors is a company that was founded with the mission to Rebuild America by Insourcing former executives who have either lost their job, or who have decided to get off the corporate merry-go-round and want a fresh start. Come on, we’ve all been there, but most of us have tolerated the BS of corporate America because we relished the perceived “security”.

Trust me, there is NO security. Thousands of seasoned professionals are getting impacted daily -and senior executives (many in their early 40’s!) are being replaced by younger, less qualified talent- who will work for half of their salary.

If you lose your job and are 50+, there is an 80% chance you will not get re-hired. If you do, it will take an average of 23 months worth of searching and the new job will last an average of 18 months and you’ll be doing it all over again!

Personal Business Advisors has found a business opportunity for me with a high likelihood of mid-6-figure earnings potential in Year 1. They have helped me regain my self-respect and an exciting new outlook on life. By helping to Rebuild America, they have helped me to rebuild my life. Now I want to “pay it forward”, by helping other executives to move past a less than perfect situation.

I would love to help you get started as well with a short 10-minute conversation, no fee or obligation, no pyramids, no auction bids or Google ads. Just completely legitimate business opportunities. Whenever the time is right for you, whether it’s today, 6 months or 2 years from now, contact me.


Dear Donna;

I want to thank you for the time you spent with me exploring career options. matchmaker analyzing my skillset and interests to pair me with the perfect franchise company. Looking back, you were so very patient as I explored numerous opportunities during our weekly calls. I felt that that I could just not get my arms around a franchise that interested me. I would have never considered a franchise opportunity without your guidance.

For me this is a life changing opportunity. This business is a perfect fit for me. Their corporate culture is one that empowers the individual and fosters success. Having prior success in the medical field, this will be a natural transition for me. This partnership will significantly reduce my learning curve in a new industry, allowing me to be up and running in just a few months. I cannot wait to get started.

I wish you the best going forward. If there is anything I may ever do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. My only regret is that we did not connect earlier in my search, but happy we eventually did and we hit a home run.


Mark H., Vice President


From: Jeff B., VP – Sales

Subject: Recommendation for working with Personal Business Advisors

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Suzanne Bernards and Personal Business Advisors as part of my career search. Their contact and interview process was very professional and provided for a good exchange of information on my preferences and goals.
As a mid-career professional, Personal Business Advisors brought several very interesting franchise and hybrid opportunities with companies that I most likely would not have found during my search process. Their Hybrid Opportunities were of most interest to me because they offered the chance to join a growing high tech company as an equity holder. The information and subsequent discussions with Personal Business Advisors and the company I selected were very complete. I am now with the company over a month and it has been a very positive and rewarding process. Thank you Suzanne and Personal Business Advisors for your personal efforts and professionalism.


“Curt H. is a former Senior Level Medical Device Executive living in Los Angeles, CA.

When I was first contacted by Personal Business Advisors ®, I was quite skeptical about what to expect. However; from the start, I was impressed by their professional and structured approach to evaluating potential opportunities given my previous career background and that of my wife.
They presented us both hybrid and franchise businesses that meshed extremely well with our backgrounds. Carl (Personal Business Advisors) helped us narrow down the prospects to those that were of real interest, demonstrating a professional and patient approach. He also coordinated all conference calls to allow us to really focus on the right choice for our unique situation.
Ultimately, we are delighted with the franchise outcome we’ve chosen and it would not have been possible without Carl and the Personal Business Advisors Team. I would highly recommend that any executive seeking to re-engineer their career, start with Personal Business Advisors first to give yourself the best possible options. After all, it costs you nothing but a small investment in time and the opportunity to dramatically change your career.”


Doris, special thanks to you. I think you have done it! You have found me a concept that fits me! I’m excited and I’m heading to Denver tomorrow for Thursday’s get to know ya session. I’m looking forward to kicking this off after training in January! Thanks to you, I’m on my way to tremendous prosperity and happiness! Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for never giving up on me and for staying in touch!
Jim C., New York, NY


Hi Ted-
Just back a week from training. I am moving along, just trying to balance kids home from school and getting out there! I have never been happier- so you 🙂 did GREAT! Once I get this into a nice rhythm, I will be looking at other opportunities -like Personal Business Advisors ®. Kids go back to school tomorrow, so I will be full speed ahead! Please keep in touch- Lee
Lee M., Long Island, NY


Albert S. is a former a Senior Financial Executive and DC Lobbyist for a Fortune 20 company.
“When I was considering Personal Business Advisors ®, I had other offers from big name firms. I decided the time was finally right for me to go out on my own, but I still wanted to work with a great team and a proven business model. Personal Business Advisors ® provided the best match for my nature and ambitions.”


Steve W. is a former business owner who was tired of long hours and significant financial risks.
“After selling a 25 year old business and being retired for 4 years, I was totally unemployable. I was looking for something with a purpose that would give me time, freedom and financial security.
Then Personal Business Advisors ® came into my life through an introduction by a friend. I now work at home when I want without stress and the financial possibilities are endless. Personal Business Advisors fit the bill.”

never pay a fee to Personal Business Advisors

Walter H. is a former Senior Level Executive Recruiter living in Chicago, IL.
Walt H. has spent most of the past eight years as a senior-level executive recruiter. “I’ve seen firsthand the explosion of available senior executive candidates in recent years competing for a dwindling number of senior-level jobs. It has bothered me for a long time to see highly productive people at what should be the peak of their careers without work, spending two years to find a job that may last 18-24 months. I set out to find a viable alternative to offer and in PBASM I found what I was looking for, solid ways for senior executives to take charge of their own careers. Personal Business Advisors ® has worked brilliantly for me as well”.
Matthew B, in Michigan is a former CEO of a nationwide franchise chain.
Personal Business Advisors ® has impacted my life in ways I couldn’t have foreseen when joining the company a little over a year ago. My initial intrigue for the business model itself has given way to unbridled enthusiasm and a profound respect for the vision, support and leadership displayed by their executive team. Having built a significant income stream, I have been divesting myself of my existing businesses in favor of embracing Personal Business Advisors ® with all of my resources. I truly believe we will revolutionize our industry and become the most globally recognized firm leading and advising the world’s community of Senior Level Executives.”
I would like to share my personal experience with Personal Business Advisors ® as a Master Office owner. I have been a Personal Business Advisors ® licensee 3 years now and have had the absolute time of my life. Not only has this been tremendously financially rewarding, but personally rewarding as well!! After having spent the last 5 years of my corporate career laying team members off, it has been a tremendous relief to be able to make such a positive difference in people’s lives. I have had the pleasure of not only helping many executives, but also placing my sister and my best friend in franchise opportunities. I purchased the PBA Master Office License in December 07 and loved it so much that I purchased the PBA Master License for Spain as a future investment (gives my family the option to experience and contribute to both economies when we are ready to do so) as well. While I was honored to take on the role of COO in February of this year, my first and foremost role is as Master Office owner.

Best regards,
Donna Wright
-COO & Executive Senior Advisor-
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC.

I started as a Senior Advisor with Personal Business Advisors back in September of 2009. I am one of those c-level executives who was laid off and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. First thought – replace what I had. I soon learned it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Then I wondered if I really did want to replace what I had because life as I knew it had changed and my thought was that a door had closed and a window opened, was I willing to peek through it to see what might be on the other side? The answer was yes.
But how to go about it?

It seemed timely to get an email from someone at Personal Business Advisors ® asking how my job search was going. I said “terrible” and they called me. I was quite leery at first (never having been an entrepreneur before running my own business), but I soon became comfortable with the non-invasive and non-pressurized conversation I was having. I was being educated for free on the various business opportunities that were within my reach and I appreciated it.

To make a long story short, I turned around the call and asked them if I could do what they were doing and the answer was “yes”, and they gave me the low down on what it would take to make it work. After doing my due diligence I decided to take a chance and attend the training. I am quite used to dealing with influential people making major decisions so I knew I could go to this training session and if my gut didn’t tell me it was the right thing (along with all the other tangible due diligence I did), I could walk away. Needless to say, here I am a year later still deeply involved with Personal Business Advisors ®.

My experience has been enlightening. I am used to being a top-performer in whatever field I participate in and I felt this would be no different – and I was right. The perks: getting quality leads/having a process that is tried and true to follow/being able to use my intelligence and personality to talk with executives around the country/having a schedule as flexible as I decide to make it/enjoying what I do/making money at it/helping others, etc. This is an opportunity to not only make great money, but to do it in a profession that allows you to help people make important career/life decisions.

One year later I am not only making money, but I just bought up to an increased level within the company as I plan on doubling my earnings in 2011. This is it – this is what I was meant to do – this is what I love to do – this is what I excel at. Personal Business Advisors ® has given me the opportunity to be the boss of my future, to control aspects of my life that are important to me. Do I work hard and smart at it – yes! Do I win some and lose some – yes! Do I get up every single day and enjoy what I do – YES!

I am a perfect example of someone who was given an opportunity, embraced it and am not only reaping the financial rewards, but am enjoying every minute of it.

Warm Regards,
Suzanne Bernards
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC.
Let me share with you my experience with Personal Business Advisors ®. In February 2008 I became a master licensee, having managed companies in the US and overseas I was looking for an exciting opportunity that would allow me to help executives move forward in their careers and at the same time provide flexibility and relief from extensive traveling on a domestic and international basis. I have found that being a master licensee is substantially more rewarding than I had envisaged, not only have I helped numerous executives move forward in the careers, it has (and continues to be) rewarding financially. Furthermore I have significant flexibility, I can talk to candidates and clients from almost anywhere providing there’s internet access. I have made many new friends, executive candidates I have successfully placed along with the friends and partners I work with everyday. Personally I cannot think of anything that could be more rewarding, particularly in these difficult economic times.

Best regards, John.
John Ovens,
Advisory Global Group, Inc
I have been working over 5 years with Personal Business Advisors ® as an Executive Senior Advisor and have found it to be a very profitable and enjoyable experience. Every month I am able to help fellow executives, often at their wit’s end in this troubled executive job market.
I help them find income opportunities with younger companies looking for executive equity-partners (with a six figure salary attached), white-collar franchises that produce six figure incomes, or businesses to buy.
It is particularly rewarding when a years or so later I receive a thank you note from the executive that I have helped. On one occasion they thanked me for changing their life. How rewarding is that!
In addition, other PBA Advisors have become personal friends that help each other on a daily basis. The Personal Business Advisors ® corporate staff is not only supportive but also very responsive. Even the chairman Uwe Brettmann is only a phone call away and always takes time to help those of us Senior and Executive Senior Advisors when in need of advice, support or help.
Ted Markley, Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC

Personal Business Advisors ® is about assisting senior level executives who are interested in exploring entrepreneurial opportunities as an alternative to the traditional job search. My experience has been nothing but positive as I feel that Personal Business Advisors is truly interested in helping executives who are now competing in a very difficult and tight job market. The team at Personal Business Advisors ® is very helpful and works well together and the opportunities available are very interesting and cover a broad spectrum of businesses and industry. It is great that candidates can learn of business opportunities and go through a due diligence that costs them nothing but a little of their time. Many executives have probably spent little time in their career really investigating entrepreneurial possibilities and Personal Business Advisors provides professional guidance on how to manage through a process of exploration and learning. At the end of the day, it is about helping executives find a business that that will enjoy and truly own.”

Best Regards,
Greg Lyons
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors
I have been an Advisor with Personal Business Advisors ® for almost two and a half years now. It has been one of the most rewarding times of my professional career.
Prior to joining Personal Business Advisors ®, I was the Vice-President of National Sales and Marketing for an Information Services Provider (to the Mortgage and Financial Community). In that position, I worked exclusively with C-Level Executives…with meeting client needs and presentations being primary role responsibilities for me. The opportunity and role responsibilities, as an Executive Senior Advisor with Personal Business Advisors ®, have allowed me to leverage those same skills while providing me tremendous flexibility and “Work-Life Balance”, at the same time.

During my time with Personal Business Advisors ® I have enjoyed much success in assisting Senior Level Executive candidates in finding income opportunities that allow them to leverage their executive skill-set, while meeting the three important checkpoints we try to hit with all of our candidates…finding income opportunities that appeal to their Heart, Mind and Gut. While most of the executive matches that I (and my Executive Senior Advisor/Corporate Partner) have made are from the franchising segment of our portfolio, we have also been successful in placing candidates with opportunities from our Hybrid segment and with our own organization.

Prior to making their final decision, and by participating in our process, candidates have been introduced to opportunities that: 1) free them from “Corporate Insecurity”; 2) allow them to do something they are passionate about each day; 3) provide them the “Work-Life Balance” they have been looking for; 4) provide them the income and financial security, at or above the level they enjoyed during their traditional corporate employment.

Each candidate I have had the pleasure to work with has commented at the uniqueness of the PBA Model, how glad they were to have been contacted by PBA, and their appreciation (and surprise) for the quality of opportunities presented them. While we aren’t able to make a match for each candidate, they are all better off (and better educated), for having participated in the process.

Each day, I continue to be impressed with the Personal Business Advisor model…and am thankful that I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by them over two years ago. It is a “heart in the right place”, professional opportunity that has been truly rewarding professionally, personally, and financially.

Ron Golnick
– Executive Senior Advisor –
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
As a PBA Executive Senior Advisor for a little less than two years, my business has blossomed and continues its upward trajectory. Like all entrepreneurial opportunities, your success is relative to what you contribute. Should you be searching for a get rich quick scheme with little to no effort on your part – keep looking – Personal Business Advisors is better suited only to the ambitious minded individual harboring the entrepreneurial gene. This business is not for everyone. Those lacking evolved communication and listening skills, analytical abilities, leadership, and/or a passion for helping others – specifically their peers – should perhaps look elsewhere.

Scott A. Small
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors , LLC
I have been a member of the team at Personal Business Advisors ® for eight years. It has been the most satisfying work I have ever done, including teaching. Uwe Brettmann is the most honest, straight forward person I’ve ever known and Doris Fink is truly a phenomenal leader and human being.
Frank Tippett
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
I am proud of my one year partnership with Personal Business Advisors ® (PBA), and look forward to many more fruitful years working in tandem with this outstanding group of senior executives. I fully stand behind the PBA goals and objectives, which are to match individual executives with excellent entrepreneurial careers and business owners with superlative senior talent. I am grateful for the close mentoring and strong support provided by the PBA Corporate leadership, and have found these exceptional executives to be genuinely interested in helping me, as an individual Executive Senior Advisor, be successful in my business. Moreover, the PBA Principals have been visionary in their efforts to contribute in all ways possible to the betterment of individual executives and companies, as well as to an economically stable USA. PBA has developed a unique process of outreaching to senior executives who could possibly need our help. This process, if followed according to the well-proven model developed over the past eight years, will produce the results PBA has projected. It is important to note that this is a pipeline business that does require diligence, sustained output on the part of the Senior Advisor, and attention to the needs of candidates and client companies. The PBA business requires work, no different from any salaried position or individual small business in demanding energy and production. I was saddened to learn that some individuals have recently been critical of PBA as an organization. From my perspective, I find their criticisms unfounded and believe their own failures in this business derive from not having grasped the vision of the organization, nor on the operational side following the proven business processes that are required to be successful. Again, I fully enjoy being a partner in this first-rate organization and anticipate a long and profitable association.
Michael L. Bajek
Senior Advisor
When I was searching for a new career, I spent hours on the internet researching employment opportunities and visiting job site after job site trying to find a good match for me. I had come from a Corporate background, was an experienced Executive Manager and I had developed the skill sets that I believed many employers could use in the development of their business. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the availability of viable positions requiring my skills in the market place. In fact, my skills sets and experience often worked against me as it wasn’t uncommon to be told that I was over qualified! I came to realize over time (even though potential employers would never admit it) my previous salary history and my age did not meet the profile required for the open positions. I became extremely frustrated with the responses I was getting from potential employers and I finally got to the point that I determined a new plan of action was required.
So I put together a list of criteria in what I was looking for in a new career. I decided I wanted to work from home and use my home office as my base of operation. I had already traveled all over the world and wanted a position that would minimize my travel as well as my overall business expenses. I also wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to set my own schedule and dictate my own time. And I wanted an opportunity that would give me a real chance to grow and be financially rewarded.
Throughout the entire search, I kept on thinking….Wouldn’t it be nice if I could go to one place to do all my research on new career or business opportunity! And then I received a phone call from Personal Business Advisors and everything changed for me.
Throughout the entire process, I was impressed with the professionalism and the structure of the Personal Business Advisors business model. Not only were my needs being considered, I was highly encouraged to participate in determining my own future. All their advise and consulting eventually lead to the proposal of several new business opportunities that matched the individual requirements I set for myself.
I enjoyed the business model so much that I inquired about joining the Personal Business Advisors ® team and became a member shortly thereafter. It’s been a great experience for me and I’m looking forward to long and prosperous relationship!
Michael Rogalski
-Senior Advisor-
Personal (Business) Advisors , LLC
As a professional franchisor we have enjoyed working with the Senior Advisors at PBA for many years. The quality of their candidates who have joined our company is outstanding and a great match for our white-collar franchise opportunity. We look forward to many more years of continued success together!

David Banfield, President of IFG
From more than two years of experience I have found there to be a profound need for Personal Business Advisors’ services in the executive candidate marketplace. The number of executive jobs is shrinking and the number of executives looking is huge and growing. There is an amazingly high response to our e-mail campaigns to those executives who have indicated they are looking for income opportunities.

Most of those responding are pleasantly surprised when learning of our unique business model to provide entrepreneurial alternatives to traditional corporate JOBS at no charge to the candidate. Many of those who qualify then engage in investigation and “discovery” of business opportunities that are chosen to fit their unique interests, preferences and constraints. Personal Business Advisors ® supports the executive candidate as they go through the investigative process.

On the other side of the equation Personal Business Advisors ® has a large market basket of business opportunities of different types from which a candidate can select, depending on the executive candidate’s risk/reward and investment appetite. These all selected to provide executive level income and range from business-to-business to consumer services or products.

Best regards,
Rolland Von Stroh, Executive Senior Advisor
Personal Business Advisors ®, LLC
“Honest, No-nonsense, and Cerebral…these are the words I best feel describe Uwe Brettmann, Chairman & CEO of Personal Business Advisers, LLC. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Uwe for over 5 years in a number of capacities. I admire his business sense and strong desire to help others live the American Dream. To his core, Uwe believes that American’s should have an opportunity to not only support their families but also have no ceiling to limit success. He lives this belief and has developed a business model that allows executives to take their future into their own hands. Personal Business Advisers is an innovative company that has and will continue to impact our economy in a positive way. Their relationship-based approach to helping executives transition to a business opportunity that truly fits the execs strengths is one of many reasons someone should do business with Personal Business Advisors. For those that are interested in determining their own success while escaping the corporate world, I highly recommend working with Personal Business Advisors ®.”

Eric Gonzalez
Senior Advisor
We have worked with Professional Business advisors for over 4 years. They have helped us find very professional franchisees who have enhanced our growing franchise . They consistently provide guidance and consulting expertise assisting their candidates in finding the right business opportunity. We look forward our continued partnership with Personal Business Advisors for many more years.
Monty Smith-VP Franchise Development
I’ve found Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC (PBA) to be a terrific new career opportunity far different from anything I’ve done before as an executive in Fortune 400 companies. There are two aspects that stand out among the dozens which led me to become a part of this team. First of all is PBA’s mission and goal of helping displaced executives in transition find alternative career options given their incredibly high un- and under-employment rates today. Secondly, the training and on-going support for new and veteran associates is beyond incredible. While associates have ultimate say over how we choose to spend our productive hours, there is always a more experienced individual available to assist you. Further, the small corporate team goes well above and beyond to continuously update and streamline the business processes, seek and socialize new business opportunities, purge opportunities no longer viable or relevant to our target executives, and donate their personal time and extensive experience to listening and helping. In today’s down-sized, out-sourced, and off-shored employment picture, PBA is one company doing something positive about it, without whining, without blaming, and without looking back. Because of its personal touch, timely and pertinent mission, enlightened and challenging leadership, and emphasis on process improvement, I for one am quite proud to be a part of PBA.

John Schaffer
Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
never pay a fee to Personal Business Advisors

Starting and building a business is a challenge so it always helps to have the right support when undertaking such a big endeavor. The help I have received from Personal Business Advisors has been second to none, all the way to the top of the organization. I have never felt that I couldn’t pick up the telephone and call either Doris or Uwe for help or assistance with any issue I might be facing in my business.

Best regards,
Michael Lubarsky
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
I personally would like to thank you for the professionalism and the quality of candidates Personal Business Advisers has introduced to our company. Our working relationship has continued to grow due to your top notch professionals.
It is always a pleasure to do business with your organization. We are looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Chris Mesker
Franchise Development Specialist
Thank you Personal Business Advisors.
The spirit of free enterprise is alive and well, more now than ever before. Personal Business Advisors is well positioned to help others transition in these difficult times. It is so obvious to everyone we speak with there is a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities they never would have considered.
Knowing I have helped others through Personal Business Advisors brings a great deal of satisfaction to me personally.
Ray Coffey, PBA Canada

After experiencing a couple corporate down-sizings by age 55, it was time for me to say bye-bye to the corporate ‘merry-go-round’ game. I knew I had to take control of my own career’s destiny. After exploring a few opportunities that didn’t suit me, I was introduced to PBA and haven’t regretted joining the organization. I have found PBA to be a professionally managed business whose Executive Senior Advisors and Senior Advisors are all former high-level executives who also had had similar difficulties with their careers. A key ingredient to being successful with PBA is being able to empathize with your candidates’ career challenges. It’s very rewarding helping them find a way out of their dilemma in addition to also being financially rewarded for doing so.

Best Regards,
Carl Couser
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
Dear Uwe:

I just wanted to mention that we have had a blast being part of Personal Business Advisors ®! Since the initial training, which was amazing, to this day I have enjoyed helping other executives reach their potential and contribute actively in this society. The empowerment we give to these senior people is second to none! After everything they have experienced in their job careers in this very difficult world situation of no jobs and no hope for the future, we come and help by giving them tools and a direction to follow and succeed in life. What could be better!

Uwe I want to thank you for creating this unparalleled business that the one thing we do very well is help Business Executives continue to contribute in this world!

Best Regards,
Arcelia Dove
Personal Business Advisors Testimonial – 11/10/2010

I joined Personal Business Advisors ® in April, 2010 after spending almost a year trying to decide what I wanted to do with my career. After exploring several options, including traditional employment, Personal Business Advisors increasingly stood out as fitting my personality and goals. The flexibility to operate anywhere that I have phone and internet, the independence of running my own business, and dealing exclusively with executives and professionals are a few of the things that made Personal Business Advisors the best choice for me.

I enjoy my work for the things that it does have, and those that it does not have. It does allow me to continuously interact with and learn from professionals from every industry, providing endless variety to my days. It does allow me to assist others in finding non-traditional employment opportunities, thus helping rebuild our economy and provide jobs. It does not have a commute, a boss, employees, a large operating overhead, etc., etc., etc. Instead of dreading Monday mornings, I now look forward to starting each workweek.

Best regards,

Steve Nipper
Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC

It sure is a different world! The world of work has changed radically. Self employment and small business ownership are leading the way to getting so many back on their feet, financially and personally. It’s refreshing to see a business model that provides a framework and a choice, and whose primary focus is centered around helping others find meaningful and well matched entrepreneurial engagement.

Personal Business Advisors encourages individual initiative, self-discipline, self-motivation, and commitment as major contributors to one’s success. Patience, balanced with effort can lead to new belief and beginnings. Through its own course of training, Personal Business Advisors ® inspires self direction while helping others seeking it, find it. PBA Advisors serve as important conduits to connect and match individuals and businesses together. It has opened doors and possibilities for so many. PBA offers freedom, independence and autonomy supported by a solid team of professionals.

Uwe Brettmann’s experience, leadership, and insight are highly regarded.
To Uwe and the entire team, thank you for your passion, generosity and support over the years.

Carol Coffey CEO, PBA Canada

Personal Business Advisors – I didn’t know what to expect. Free service? OK, I’ll bite. I never knew there were so many different types of opportunities out there. Then, while investigating options, some I liked were not available in my area, but I thought Personal Business Advisors had an excellent model…what about increasing the awareness of our veterans by joining and reaching out to them? So I joined and we started a Veterans Division. Almost two years later, I think the focus on helping people is what keeps me motivated. There is something for everyone, but whether candidates take the entrepreneurial path or not, they have someone to talk to about the job market, investigate options, or just bounce ideas around.
Bob Dubek, Colonel, USAF(ret), Executive Senior Advisor and VP Veterans Division
Mr. Uwe Brettmann
Chairman & CEO
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC and
Executive Network of America.com, LLC
Dear Uwe,
I would like to offer this letter of recommendation to you and the entire team of advisors at Personal Business Advisors ®. Raising funds and finding executive talent to join our startup team at CircleBuilder Software LLC is extremely challenging on our own and in these difficult economic times. I have been so pleased with the quality of service and the caliber of potential candidates presented to us over the last 3 years.
The team at Personal Business Advisors ® has brought highly qualified and screened candidates to our attention for review and interview potential. We are thankful that we secured our Vice President of Marketing Communication and Vice President of Sales via your “hybrid” placement program. We continue to receive exceptional service from Personal Business Advisors in our search for a CTO and VP of Finance.
Please feel free to share this note of appreciation with your team and prospective clients and candidates.
Kind regards and thanks
Howard S. Brown
Founder and CEO
CircleBuilder Software, LLC
I am a proud member of the Personal Business Advisors organization. The training I received in San Antonio, Texas, allowed me to get familiarized not only with the extraordinary and innovative business model, but to get to know the people who founded the organization. I view Uwe Brettmann, founder and CEO, as a business mentor who has always been only a phone call away for all types of support and encouragement. Today as the General Manager for the Mexican Operations of Personal Business Advisors I expect to continue rebuilding the country one business at a time. The services we offer to our client prospect top senior executives allow them to review a wide range of business opportunities through our Senior Advisor and Executive Senior Advisor team. I look back to that June training back in 2006 and regard it as the best career choice I have made in my life.

Efraín Pérez
-Director General PBA México-
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC

Dear Uwe

It is a privilege to be working in this business which you created. As soon as we heard about the business model in 2006, we were inspired. What makes it work is that, unlike many businesses out there, you kept it simple. The ability to reach out to top level people in the corporate world, to educate them about the huge world out there beyond the corporate wall, to have in our arsenal a wide range of business opportunities that they would otherwise have no access to, and our special touch of becoming their friends and counselors in difficult transition moments – all of this makes for a unique experience, and allows us to give back in a way that is very satisfying. Not to mention the commissions! The way you have structured revenue sharing among all who participate is very new world – win-win! And above all, we appreciate the quality and integrity of all the advisors in the system. It’s a special place to be part of! Thank you!

Nick Dove
 I’ve been associated with Personal Business Advisors for going on three years and have not been a raging success. For many reasons I’ve not been able to commit the time and energy necessary to get outstanding results. That said, I will NEVER believe that Personal Business Advisors is anything but a great opportunity. The people involved (Uwe, Doris, Donna) have impressed me from day one with their integrity.

They are decent, hard working people that will go way beyond what one would what one would normally expect in a start-up business venture to help a newcomer. I am totally satisfied with their honesty and commitment with the Senior Advisors. They were very clear with me and the others I went through training with, that success requires discipline (following the plan) and hard work. Every day.

Dale Simpson
“Personal Business Advisors ® is much more than a recruiting agency for us, they’re a strategic partner that plays a vital role in our business growth and expansion. As we fill out our executive and management ranks, Personal Business Advisors ® has proved invaluable in sourcing highly qualified candidates that are ideally matched for each of our open positions. Their ability to find, qualify and present top-notch talent for each of our functional business groups is extraordinary. Personal Business Advisors is a distinguished firm providing exceptional services. They are a key partner of ours that is helping to develop our most important asset, our human resources. I highly recommend Personal Business Advisors to companies and job seekers alike.”
Tom Smith
VP Strategic Partnerships

PBA completes another Deal with Tutor Doctor!

Territory: Boise, Idaho

The Story:
Why did Bob decide to purchase a Tutor Doctor franchise? Let me explain by using Bob’s own words………..

“The fact that Tutor Doctor emphasizes core values is the best endorsement of the franchise that I could imagine. Having never worked a job outside of the military, one of my concerns transitioning to the civilian world was that I would lose the sense of personal satisfaction one feels working with a group of motivated, dedicated people all striving toward common goals with integrity and passion. However, Mr. Milner’s letter alleviated those concerns. It’s reassuring to know that he is committed to building an organization (family) which defines itself by its values, rather than by the bottom line. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the unlimited potential of the individual, combined with the power of the team. It reminded me of one of my own maxims as Flying Training Squadron Commander: the job of every individual in an organization is to ensure the success of every other individual in the organization.”

With Tutor Doctor being a Home Based business with a low $50k Total Initial Investment and Fast Break Even and Recurring Revenue in a Recession Resistant sector………it only made the decision easier for Bob to join the Tutor Doctor Family.

Fellow Air Force Colonel(ret) Bob Dubek, a PBA Executive Senior Advisor and VP of the Veteran’s Division, did a wonderful job in communicating with us each step of the way to make this deal happen! With his client’s best interests always on his mind, he provided valuable feedback throughout the process. Bob D’s professionalism, coaching and friendly exchange helped Bob R. to reach his ultimate decision. That’s a lot of Colonels and Bobs!

Tutor Doctor is one of the fastest growing Franchises in the Home Based, low investment category. With nearly 200 franchisees recruited in 6 countries, we are making a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Thanks again Bob for all your help and support! Look out for more announcements from Tutor Doctor “We Make House Calls”
I spent four and a half decades working in health care and enjoyed every day. Starting at 17 years old, I joined the Navy and was put through the best medical training any branch of the military has to offer. I was attached to the Marine Corp as a Medical Corpsman (combat medic) and went through Basis Marine Combat School, Jump School, Combat Swimmers’ School and Jungle Warfare School before completing two tours with a 1st Recon Unit in Vietnam. After six years with the Marine Corps I worked as a Certified Critical Care Registered Nurse, cross trained as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, in adult and neonatal Intensive Care Units. After receiving a MBA from a renowned business university, I held positions as an acute care hospital administrator/CEO at several major hospitals. As my career opportunities expanded I moved to the corporate level of health care management, where I held positions ranging from V.P. of Operations, V.P. of Development to V.P. of Acquisitions & Mergers with a number of national/global for-profit hospital companies. I started my first business when I was 27 years old and during my career I owned and operated several health care companies. I realized early on that working for yourself is the best investment that an executive can make. I eventually sold all the businesses that I owned for many times what I had invested in them. As I approached retirement age I was looking for something different- a new challenge.
At the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and having worked only in health care my vision was somewhat myopic. I did know that I wanted to continue helping people. Fortunately I was contacted by an Advisor from Personal Business Advisors ®. My Advisor presented various executive career opportunities that both fit my skill-set and my criteria. He also provided sound advice related to career transition. After several weeks of exploring and reviewing different options I selected working for Personal Business Advisors ®. It was a decision that I don’t regret and I can, without hesitation, recommend and endorse Personal Business Advisors ® to other executives regardless of where they are in their career.
I have been an Executive Senior Advisor with Personal Business Advisors ® for over a year. I enjoy working with top level executives and providing assistance in their career transition. I have the flexibility and lifestyle that I was looking for and I believe that I am providing a service that no other company provides. I feel like I am helping executives discover new possibilities during a time where our economy and the executive job market are in crisis.
Dennis Hanson
Senior Advisor
“I have found my becoming a Personal Business Advisors ® Senior Advisor to have been an excellent decision. It has and continues to be a great occupation and source of income. The personal flexibility and control it affords is a perfect fit with my other activities and my role as a helper to executive and professional colleagues is personally rewarding.

Being an SA has been a perfect match for my personal and professional goals!”

Best regards,

Craig K. Thompson
-Executive Senior Advisor-
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC
“The Alternative Board has been utilizing the services of Personal Business Advisors for the past couple of years and find them to be extremely helpful in finding qualified candidates who have a passion and desire to be business coaches. Their Senior Advisors are very professional and we have enjoyed working with them as they have their candidates (and our) best interests in mind. We look forward to many more placements due to their assistance. “
Jason Zickerman
President & CEO

“Curt H. is a former Senior Level Medical Device Executive living in Los Angeles, CA.

When I was first contacted by Personal Business Advisors ®, I was quite skeptical about what to expect. However; from the start, I was impressed by their professional and structured approach to evaluating potential opportunities given my previous career background and that of my wife. They presented us both hybrid and franchise businesses that meshed extremely well with our backgrounds. Carl (Personal Business Advisors) helped us narrow down the prospects to those that were of real interest, demonstrating a professional and patient approach. He also coordinated all conference calls to allow us to really focus on the right choice for our unique situation. Ultimately, we are delighted with the franchise outcome we’ve chosen and it would not have been possible without Carl and the Personal Business Advisors Team. I would highly recommend that any executive seeking to re-engineer their career, start with Personal Business Advisors first to give yourself the best possible options. After all, it costs you nothing but a small investment in time and the opportunity to dramatically change your career.”
Curt Hafner

“Suzanne is very warm, friendly and professional. She was very good at engaging my interest without being too pushy. Once I started looking, she was great at helping me sort out my interests and focusing the search. The result is I have a new business with a great company that I would not have found on my own.”

Don Ridenour

Once I had made the decision that I was not going to go back to work for someone else, I immediately started to look for a business broker. A friend of mine had recommended PBA so I got in touch with them. Though I have nothing to compare it to since this is the first time I’ve done this, I felt that the overall experience was very thorough. They spent time with me to try to get to know me, the type of person I am, my strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes. Then I was presented with at least 12 options of businesses. I didn’t feel rushed or pushed into any decisions. They set up one on ones with me and the companies and they ran interference when I needed to ask questions. I feel like I was able to make a good decision for a business because they helped me to get all the facts needed. It’s been 6 months in my new business and I still think I made the right decision thanks to Personal Business Advisors.

Hope all is well, have a happy Thanksgiving!
Brenda Gould

There is a certain disquiet in the work world. There is a realization the world is now a different one, and our place in it is taking a different direction. Where now is the meaning – where is the assurance that the future will be one that will unfold as we want it to? Personal Business Advisors ® is the perfect business opportunity for those who are seeking to control their own destiny and offer meaning and opportunity to others. If the idea of a simple business model designed to give you the income you desire and the lifestyle you wish for while touching the lives of many now negatively impacted by the work world, you will find Personal Business Advisors to be a great fit. That’s why I did it…


Don Evans
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors

I have been working with Personal Business Advisors ® for years and have always been impressed with the overall professionalism and integrity of the organization. No matter who you speak too, from the CEO to the advisors, it is never about them, it is always about how they can help and create benefits for me. Great company and fantastic partner! Tom

Thomas K. Johnston
SearchPath HCS

never pay a fee to Personal Business Advisors