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Introducing Donna Wright

Principal of Personal Business Advisors ® in Spain

Donna is a Senior Sales Executive with decades of success and experience leading organizations in both Fortune 500 and small entrepreneurial companies.

She has proven leadership abilities in recruiting, building, motivating and coaching individuals and teams while collaborating across multiple business lines. She has a reputation for building markets, generating revenue and driving profit to the bottom line.

Raised by American parents, Donna grew up in South America. Her passion for Spanish culture led her to explore extraordinary business opportunities in Spain. This is how she found Personal Business Advisors ®.

The opportunity to help executives in Spain is a realization of a long term dream for Donna and her family, who very much look forward to building long lasting relationships and memories in Spain.

She is fortunate to have a husband and two beautiful children who share her passion for travel and adventure.

Personal Business Advisors® Corporate Headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas.