The Team

Uwe Brettmann, Chairman & CEO
Before coming on board as Personal Business Advisors ® Chairman and CEO, Uwe Brettmann had 15 years of domestic/international experience in directing a 30-country franchise operation, consisting of 200 employees, with $118 million in annual gross revenue. Expertise in: Startup/turnaround situations, multi-national negotiations, establishing worldwide partnerships/strategic alliances, and repositioning value-added product/service offerings designed to drive market and earnings growth. Convincing and credible communicator able to determine organizations’ operational needs, in order to define, establish, and deliver appropriate solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Demonstrated record of generating franchise sales in a new market from zero to $19.6 million within a three-year period. “Yes, I am passionate about what we are doing. On one hand, we are helping thousands of our peers and their families to regain their financial independence and be back in control of their own destiny, on the other, we help small, medium sized and large companies to have access to the best human capital this country has to offer in a highly customized manner. We are the first and only IN-sourcing company worldwide.”

Doris084Doris Fink, VP HR
Before joining Personal Business Advisors ® in 2002, Doris Fink enjoyed a significant executive career in the healthcare imaging arena. During her tenure in healthcare, Doris created, successfully built and ran Thermo-Diagnostics Inc., a mobile diagnostic testing service.
Tasting entrepreneurial freedom in this first endeavor, Doris sought out freedom in yet another space – Small Office Home Office. Mail Boxes Etc. was an attractive match for her skill set and creativity. Within this organization, she experienced the role of franchisee as well as corporate trainer, experiencing all aspects of the franchise industry.
With the advent of the new Millennium, Doris sought out a new role in a virtual setting.  Uwe Brettmann  invited her to become part of  Personal Business Advisors ® executive recruiting division where her first assignment was an intense study of trends in the executive job market and solutions for disenfranchised executives.  After extensive market research, Doris launched the Senior Advisor division and business model where today she leads our largest team.  On a corporate level, Doris serves as VP of Human Resources.
“I have loved each and every opportunity in my varied and exciting career, however, Personal Business Advisors ® is the perfect way for anyone to build a virtual global business, work with executive peers and give back to others at a time in our history when outsourcing, age discrimination and a global economy has devastated the lives of millions in our country, and at the same time be able to enjoy extensive financial rewards.”


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