Testimonials from Client Companies

November 11, 2010

Mr. Uwe Brettmann
Chairman & CEO
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC

Dear Uwe,

I would like to offer this letter of recommendation to you and the entire team of advisors at Personal Business Advisors ®. Raising funds and finding executive talent to join our startup team at CircleBuilder Software LLC is extremely challenging on our own and in these difficult economic times. I have been so pleased with the quality of service and the caliber of potential candidates presented to us over the last 3 years.

The team at PBA has brought highly qualified and screened candidates to our attention for review and interview potential. We are thankful that we secured our Vice President of Marketing Communication and Vice President of Sales via your “hybrid” placement program. We continue to receive exceptional service from PBA in our search for a CTO and VP of Finance.

Please feel free to share this note of appreciation with your team and prospective clients and candidates.

Kind regards and thanks

Howard S. Brown
Founder and CEO