Testimonials from Senior Advisors

Testimonial for Personal Business Advisors ®
Ron Golnick, Executive Senior Advisor (Date of Training: June 2008)

I have been an Advisor with Personal Business Advisors ® for almost two and a half years now. It has been one of the most rewarding times of my professional career.

Prior to joining Personal Business Advisors ®, I was the Vice-President of National Sales and Marketing for an Information Services Provider (to the Mortgage and Financial Community). In that position, I worked exclusively with C-Level Executives…with meeting client needs and presentations being primary role responsibilities for me. The opportunity and role responsibilities, as an Executive Senior Advisor with Personal Business Advisors ®, have allowed me to leverage those same skills while providing me tremendous flexibility and “Work-Life Balance”, at the same time.

During my time with Personal Business Advisors ® I have enjoyed much success in assisting Senior Level Executive candidates in finding income opportunities that allow them to leverage their executive skill-set, while meeting the three important checkpoints we try to hit with all of our candidates…finding income opportunities that appeal to their Heart, Mind and Gut. While most of the executive matches that I (and my Executive Senior Advisor/Corporate Partner) have made are from the franchising segment of our portfolio, we have also been successful in placing candidates with opportunities from our Hybrid segment and with our own organization.

Prior to making their final decision, and by participating in our process, candidates have been introduced to opportunities that: 1) free them from “Corporate Insecurity”; 2) allow them to do something they are passionate about each day; 3) provide them the “Work-Life Balance” they have been looking for; 4) provide them the income and financial security, at or above the level they enjoyed during their traditional corporate employment.

Each candidate I have had the pleasure to work with has commented at the uniqueness of the PBA Model, how glad they were to have been contacted by PBA, and their appreciation (and surprise) for the quality of opportunities presented them. While we aren’t able to make a match for each candidate, they are all better off (and better educated), for having participated in the process.

Each day, I continue to be impressed with the Personal Business Advisor model…and am thankful that I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by them over two years ago. It is a “heart in the right place”, professional opportunity that has been truly rewarding professionally, personally, and financially.