Testimonials from Senior Advisors

I am proud of my one year partnership with Personal Business Associates (PBA), and look forward to many more fruitful years working in tandem with this outstanding group of senior executives. I fully stand behind the PBA goals and objectives, which are to match individual executives with excellent entrepreneurial careers and business owners with superlative senior talent.

I am grateful for the close mentoring and strong support provided by the PBA Corporate leadership, and have found these exceptional executives to be genuinely interested in helping me, as an individual Executive Senior Advisor, be successful in my business. Moreover, the PBA Principals have been visionary in their efforts to contribute in all ways possible to the betterment of individual executives and companies, as well as to an economically stable USA.

PBA has developed a unique process of outreaching to senior executives who could possibly need our help. This process, if followed according to the well-proven model developed over the past eight years, will produce the results PBA has projected. It is important to note that this is a pipeline business that does require diligence, sustained output on the part of the Senior Advisor, and attention to the needs of candidates and client companies.

The PBA business requires work, no different from any salaried position or individual small business in demanding energy and production. I was saddened to learn that some individuals have recently been critical of PBA as an organization. From my perspective, I find their criticisms unfounded and believe their own failures in this business derive from not having grasped the vision of the organization, nor on the operational side following the proven business processes that are required to be successful.

Again, I fully enjoy being a partner in this first-rate organization and anticipate a long and profitable association.

Best regards,

Michael L. Bajek
Senior Advisor