Testimonials from Senior Advisors

From more than two years of experience I have found there to be a profound need for PBA’s services in the executive candidate marketplace. The number of executive jobs is shrinking and the number of executives looking is huge and growing. There is an amazingly high response to our e-mail campaigns to those executives who have indicated they are looking for income opportunities.

Most of those responding are pleasantly surprised when learning of our unique business model to provide entrepreneurial alternatives to traditional corporate JOBS at no charge to the candidate. Many of those who qualify then engage in investigation and “discovery” of business opportunities that are chosen to fit their unique interests, preferences and constraints. PBA supports the executive candidate as they go through the investigative process.

On the other side of the equation PBA has a large market basket of business opportunities of different types from which a candidate can select, depending on the executive candidate’s risk/reward and investment appetite. These all selected to provide executive level income and range from business-to-business to consumer services or products.

Best regards, Rolland

Rolland Von Stroh, Executive Senior Advisor
Personal Business Advisors ®, LLC