Testimonials from Senior Advisors

“Honest, No-nonsense, and Cerebral…these are the words I best feel describe Uwe Brettmann, Chairman & CEO of Personal Business Advisers, LLC.  I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Uwe for over 5 years in a number of capacities.  I admire his business sense and strong desire to help others live the American Dream.  To his core, Uwe believes that American’s should have an opportunity to not only support their families but also have no ceiling to limit success.  He lives this belief and has developed a business model that allows executives to take their future into their own hands.  Personal Business Advisers is an innovative company that has and will continue to impact our economy in a positive way.  Their relationship-based approach to helping executives transition to a business opportunity that truly fits the execs strengths is one of many reasons someone should do business with PBA.  For those that are interested in determining their own success while escaping the corporate world, I highly recommend working with PBA.”

Eric Gonzalez