Testimonials from Senior Advisors

I’ve found Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC (PBA) to be a terrific new career opportunity far different from anything I’ve done before as an executive in Fortune 400 companies. There are two aspects that stand out among the dozens which led me to become a part of this team. First of all is PBA’s mission and goal of helping displaced executives in transition find alternative career options given their incredibly high un- and under-employment rates today. Secondly, the training and on-going support for new and veteran associates is beyond incredible.

While associates have ultimate say over how we choose to spend our productive hours, there is always a more experienced individual available and incented to assist you. Further, the small corporate team goes well above and beyond to continuously update and streamline the business processes, seek and socialize new business opportunities, purge opportunities no longer viable or relevant to our target executives, and donate their personal time and extensive experience to listening and helping.

In today’s down-sized, out-sourced, and off-shored employment picture, PBA is one company doing something positive about it, without whining, without blaming, and without looking back. Because of its personal touch, timely and pertinent mission, enlightened and challenging leadership, and emphasis on process improvement, I for one am quite proud to be a part of PBA.
John Schaffer
Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC