Testimonials from Senior Advisors

After experiencing a couple corporate down-sizings by age 55, it was time for me to say bye-bye to the corporate ‘merry-go-round’ game. I knew I had to take control of my own career’s destiny. After exploring a few opportunities that didn’t suit me, I was introduced to PBA and haven’t regretted joining the organization.

I have found PBA to be a professionally managed business whose Executive Senior Advisors and Senior Advisors are all former high-level executives who also had had similar difficulties with their careers. A key ingredient to being successful with PBA is being able to empathize with your candidates’ career challenges. It’s very rewarding helping them find a way out of their dilemma in addition to also being financially rewarded for doing so.

Best Regards,

Carl Couser
Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC