Testimonials from Senior Advisors

It sure is a different world! The world of work has changed radically. Self employment and small business ownership are leading the way to getting so many back on their feet, financially and personally. It’s refreshing to see a business model that provides a framework and a choice, and whose primary focus is centered around helping others find meaningful and well matched entrepreneurial engagement.

PBA encourages individual initiative, self-discipline, self-motivation, and commitment as major contributors to one’s success. Patience, balanced with effort can lead to new belief and beginnings. Through its own course of training, PBA inspires self direction while helping others seeking it, find it. PBA Advisors serve as important conduits to connect and match individuals and businesses together. It has opened doors and possibilities for so many. PBA offers freedom, independence and autonomy supported by a solid team of professionals.

Uwe Brettmann’s experience, leadership, and insight are highly regarded.
To Uwe and the entire team, thank you for your passion, generosity and support over the years.

Carol Coffey CEO, PBA Canada