Testimonials from Senior Advisors


I am a proud member of the Personal (Business) Advisors organization. The training I received in San Antonio, Texas, allowed me to get familiarized not only with the extraordinary and innovative business model, but to get to know the people who founded the organization.

I view Uwe Brettmann, founder and CEO, as a business mentor who has always been only a phone call away for all types of support and encouragement. Today as the General Manager for the Mexican Operations of PBA I expect to continue rebuilding the country one business at a time. The services we offer to our client prospect top senior executives allow them to review a wide range of business opportunities through our Senior Advisor and Executive Senior Advisor team.

I look back to that June training back in 2006 and regard it as the best career choice I have made in my life.

Efraín Pérez
-Director General PBA México-
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC