Testimonials from Senior Advisors

It is a privilege to be working in this business which you created. As soon as we heard about the business model in 2006, we were inspired. What makes it work is that, unlike many businesses out there, you kept it simple.

The ability to reach out to top level people in the corporate world, to educate them about the huge world out there beyond the corporate wall, to have in our arsenal a wide range of business opportunities that they would otherwise have no access to, and our special touch of becoming their friends and counselors in difficult transition moments – all of this makes for a unique experience, and allows us to give back in a way that is very satisfying. Not to mention the commissions!

The way you have structured revenue sharing among all who participate is very new world – win-win! And above all, we appreciate the quality and integrity of all the advisors in the system. It’s a special place to be part of!

Thank you!

Nick Dove