Testimonials from Senior Advisors

I would like to share my personal experience with Personal Business Advisors ® as a Master Office owner.  I have been a PBA licensee 3 years now and have had the absolute time of my life.  Not only has this been tremendously financially rewarding, but personally rewarding as well!! After having spent the last 5 years of my corporate career laying team members off, it has been a tremendous relief to be able to make such a positive difference in peoples lives.  I have had the pleasure of not only helping many many executives, but also placing my sister and my best friend in franchise opportunities.  I purchased the PBA Master Office License in December 07 and loved it so much that I purchased the PBA Master License for Spain as a future investment (gives my family the option to experience and contribute to both economies when we are ready to do so) as well.  While I was honored to take on the role of COO in February of this year, my first and foremost role is as Master Office owner.

Donna Wright
COO & Executive Senior Advisor-
Personal (Business) Advisors , LLC