Testimonials from Senior Advisors

Let me share with you my experience with Personal Business Advisors ®. In February 2008 I became a master licensee, having managed companies in the US and overseas I was looking for an exciting opportunity that would allow me to help executives move forward in their careers and at the same time provide flexibility and relief from extensive traveling on a domestic and international basis. I have found that being a master licensee is substantially more rewarding than I had envisaged, not only have I helped numerous executives move forward in the careers, it has (and continues to be) rewarding financially. Furthermore I have significant flexibility, I can talk to candidates and clients from almost anywhere providing there’s internet access. I have made many new friends, executive candidates I have successfully placed along with the friends and partners I work with everyday. Personally I cannot think of anything that could be more rewarding, particularly in these difficult economic times.

Best regards, John.
John Ovens,
Advisory Global Group, Inc