Testimonials from Senior Advisors

I have been working over 5 years with Personal Business Advisors ® as an Executive Senior Advisor and have found it to be a very profitable and enjoyable experience. Every month I am able to help fellow executives, often at their wit’s end in this troubled executive job market.

I help them find income opportunities with younger companies looking for executive equity-partners (with a six figure salary attached), white-collar franchises that produce six figure incomes, or businesses to buy.

It is particularly rewarding when a years or so later I receive a thank you note from the executive that I have helped. On one occasion they thanked me for changing their life. How rewarding is that!

In addition, other PBA Advisors have become personal friends that help each other on a daily basis. The PBA corporate staff is not only supportive but also very responsive. Even the chairman Uwe Brettmann is only a phone call away and always takes time to help those of us Senior and Executive Senior Advisors when in need of advice, support or help.

Ted Markley, Executive Senior Advisor
Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC