Every year,

Are forced to explore
new options.

And that's where we come in. We provide
proven alternatives to traditional employment
–You never pay a fee for our service.

PBA are experts in understanding your
strengths and helping you become even
more successful by laying a strategic
roadmap to not only finding the venture
that leverages your strengths, but how
to make sure you have all of the tools
you need to succeed.


never pay a fee
Make 2012 your year - Personal Business Advisors Explore Your Options Hear From Others

Passion. Commitment. Results.

The significant drop in demand for executive talent,
age considerations, out-sourcing and downsizing
have convinced us to help a large number of
executives address these concerns:

  • How to succeed in a job market where employees
    have become a liability
  • How to establish a secure, rewarding and
    viable future
  • How (and where to begin) to search out alternatives
    to traditional employment.


Current demand by (senior) executives for positions
by far exceeds the available job openings, and will
continue for the foreseeable future. more>

Your Options Are Wide-Open

The myriad of business ownership opportunities
PBA actively represents, span a wide range to
include these primary categories:


  • Buying Existing Business
  • Senior Executive-Level Franchise Opportunities
  • Equity / Executive Positions at Existing Companies
  • Senior Advisor Roles Within PBA


It's all about creating a stream of income more reliable
than corporate employment. We help our executive
clients on at NO FEE. Our compensation comes
to us when we are successful in matching you with
a career alternative. more>

Make The Call

Whether you're a C-Level Executive or
Senior-Level Manager, we understand
the relevance from going from essential
to non-essential. Traditional employment
is changing – and it's not your fault.



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